Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why would I blog?

I've been watching my friends and family start blogs over this past year....and to tell you the truth I've never had an interest in starting one!  I LOVE to read them.....just didn't want one more thing to keep up on!
Yesterday my friend and I were at the park and she said "you really need to start a blog....if for nothing else....just to capture these moments"...and she pointed to my son Caleb....
That's when I started would be nice to remember "the little things".
We always say we will remember...but then time passes and we are trying to recall those funny things they use to say (and if you know know there are a lot of them)!
And so I'm going to attempt to "capture" some of those moments for my family!  ATTEMPT is the word....especially when preschool starts up again this fall!


  1. you have a VERY smart friend!!! :)

  2. I wonder who that friend could be, you have many smart friends. I think she is smart too. I also think you were smart to take her advice.

  3. Such fun!!! Welcome to the world of blogging!