Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is the kind of snowfall I LOVE!!  The boys had so much fun today sledding with the Flynn's!  It has been dumping for hours and it is beautiful!!!

Kayla and Landon sledding!


Kenna and Landon (Landon didn't want to stop)

The Flynn's neighbor and Lando!

Caleb and his BEST FRIEND Kaeden!

Kendyl and Landon

Kaeden and Caleb

Kaeden's friend Peyton and Landon!

The snowman we made real fast when we got home!  The boys were freezing!

He kindof looks sad!  HA!

It's been a fun SNOW DAY!  The boys are just missing their Dad! 

Snow Fun!

I LOVE the snow!  Besides my friends big hill..... I've never had a hard time driving in it.....and I just LOVE watching it fall!  Caleb was so excited for the snow this year!  We left our house on Sunday with barely any snow on the ground but were very excited to see the snow fall during church and had a wonderful time playing in the snow at Grandma and Papas!
The boys have a WONDERFUL Uncle David who loves to "Play"!  I'm VERY THANKFUL for him and for his heart! 

I hope everyone is enjoying our snowy days!

New Years Celebration

On New Years Eve we always meet my family for dinner!  We don't go out to dinner much and New Years has always been Dad's treat!!  Thank you Dad! 
This year we headed to Red Robin and David was our server!  Red Robin is perfect for our roudy group of little boys!
After Dinner we headed over to Matt and Cammies to meet up with some friends from church!  We weren't able to stay the whole evening becaue we had to be at church the next morning....but we had a great time celebrating "Happy New Year" at nine with the boys!