Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful Fourth of July!  It was absolutally beautiful and we were invited to spend the day at the home of a family from our church!  Thank you so much to the Caceres Family for opening up their home!!  We had so much fun! 

My extended family (who was in town) was also able to be there!  I love that my family and my sister-in-law and her family are also a part of my "church family".  We love them all so much and are so thankful for our common bond in Christ and for the time we get to spend together!

Kevin and I started the day making a Potato salad that took us about 3 hours!!!  Kevin was a little shocked when I told our friend Katrina that I would bring one!!  I'm usually not one to try new things and we'd never made it before!  It was quite an undertaking!! I will savor the taste of potato salad every-time I eat it from now on.......knowing how much work it is!!

Around 8 we headed over to my In-Laws to light off some fire-works!!  Grandma had taken Caleb to pick them out himself and to say he was a little excited for the fire-works would be an understatement!!!  He kept asking me all day if there would be another 4th of July!!! 

Landon on the other hand was not so thrilled!!!  I took some pictures of him peeking up from his carseat!!  He wanted to go inside....but I talked him into the car, so I could watch Caleb!

Landon was not to thrilled with the water-slides!!!  Thank you to his cousin
Bailey who helped him go down! 

I told our friend Mike that Caleb would want to move in with them after riding on this!!

Joshua usually has no interest in crawling to me......but he sure did when I had a popscicle! 
I love you Joshua!

I wasn't sure Landon would be able to ride this on his own.....but after his Aunt Cammie
arrived and got him started, he LOVED it!

Look at Baby Matthew (as my boys call him) eating his first otter pop!!!  He is such a big boy!

Caleb wasn't to thrilled with sparklers this year....but I did get him to at least look at me for a picture!

Here's landon watching the fire-works from the car!!  At least he was happy :)


  1. We too love to be able to have time with all of our family! So many precious memories!

  2. I LOVE your new blog!! Still cannot get over it taking 3 hours to make potato salad, I had no idea!! I don't plan on learning to make some anytime soon. Yours was delicious even the next for breakfast:) YUMMY!!!

    We enjoyed celebrating the fourth with your family!

  3. Glad you had a good time with family & friends! Love the pics