Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Landon's 4th Birthday!

Last Saturday Landon celebrated his fourth birthday!  I'm not sure how he is already four!???  We had a party at Grandma and Papa's and invited a few of his friends from church as well as our family!  He had a great time! 
We went to the doctor on Monday and when the doctor asked him what his favorite thing about his birthday was........he said "Papa's fake poop".  Really?  Not the pinata.....not the presents.....not the cake?  He's all BOY!

Landon is all about mom right now....especially since Emalynn was born!  He wants to go everywhere with me and is always wanting to help.  He loves to carry in the groceries and put them away......which is a little hard for his perfectionist mom......but I do let him and he LOVES it!  :)

He LOVES to learn......loves to do baseball with his brother..... wear his batman hat backwards.....loves to write his the Wii.......ride his FIRST everywhere (it's always a race)......loves to color......loves his friends at Preschool.......loves to sing......

When we were at the doctor I asked him "What is a house?"......His answer was "Build it on the ROCK"!  
We LOVE you Landon!  You are growing up so fast!  We'll cherish this time......


Lately every time I think of getting on the computer it makes me tired!  I've been wanting to update my blog, but I knew it would take effort! :-)
We've had some busy weeks since Emalynn has been born!  Thankfully she is a WONDERFUL sleeper!  She is sleeping 8 hours through the night and I didn't even have to work at it!  I feel very blessed! 

A few weeks after she was born we headed back to the preschool to wrap up the year!  It actually went very well.  She slept most of the day and the kids just loved having we'll as Miss Kayla and Miss Michele who were more than willing to hold her any time they could!  It was nice to wrap up the year and say good-bye to our kids that will be heading off to Kindergarten!   All of the kids at the Preschool are so precious to me.
Emalynn is starting to stay awake a little more during the day and she LOVES to smile!  The boys just love her and want to be a "little too close" all the time :)   I try to explain that she can see them better if they back up a little....but it is just sooooo hard for them to stay away!  They both talk to her in this high pitched voice.  I keep telling them that her first words are going to be said in that tone and it's going to drive me crazy but they don't seem to care!

She's grown so much already!  I can't believe that I'm already having to go through her clothes to see what needs to be put just happens so fast!   

We are loving having a precious little girl around our house and I'm getting use to pink!  Her room is actually one of my favorites in our house!  :)
Here are some pictures I've taken as well as some from my sister-in law Cammie!  You'll be able to tell which ones she took! :) 

 Landon reading her a precious.

Her monkey from Grandma Cheryl.....looks so big right now.
Her first Sunday at Church

Landon helping with her bath...

Caleb cuddling with her.... 

A picture with Great Grandma......

My friend Kayla got me these stickers for each month up to a year to watch how she grows!  I made sure I put her in my favorite dress for the picture!

 Look at that RED hair!  I love it! :)

Thank you Cammie for taking pictures for me!  These last ones were taken in the hospital waiting room when we were all together waiting for my Dad to get out of surgery!  It's amazing what you can do with a blanket and a great camera!