Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We had such a BEAUTIFUL and relaxing Easter weekend!  Saturday we went over to Grandpa Rich and Grandma Cheryl's for a Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids had a wonderful time and it is always great to spend time with family!
Sunday morning we woke up and went to church.  We had our big Easter Musical the weekend before Easter so it was a relaxing and wonderful time of worship on Easter morning.
After church we went over to my Aunt Lynda's to spend time with my extended family on my mom's side.  We always have wonderful food and a huge Easter Egg hunt for the kids!  We also have a pie baking contest!  This year my cousin's wife Stephanie won with her Strawberry Pie!  I need to work on getting pictures of everyone!  It get's a little busy chasing around kids!
What a great start to a relaxing Spring Break with my kids!

Baylee, Korey, Rhyan, Landon and Caleb

 Emalynn with her new bunny from Grandma!

 Rhyleigh and Emalynn....I can't wait until they are running around playing together!

 Caleb, Emalynn and Landon.....it is NOT EASY to take pictures of my kids!

 Emalynn in her Easter outfit from one of the families at the Preschool.

 Noah hunting for eggs.....for some reason I didn't get any of the other cousins!

 Mollie and Emalynn.......they are ADORABLE!




Me, Michele, Lyndie and Cammie.....I LOVE these girls very much and I am BLESSED to call them my sisters.  (We miss you Julie and Kacy)


Caleb's BIGfoot Birthday

For the past year or so Caleb has been obsessed with "Finding Bigfoot".  I'm sure it started with his dear friend Kaeden telling him there was a Bigfoot in the woods by his house!  Every day when I would come to pick Caleb up after school they would ask if they could run into the woods and look for Bigfoot!  They also love to watch "Finding Bigfoot" on the computer!

He told me he was going to have a Bigfoot party....and with the help of my dear friend Molly (making the cake) and our friends Kyle and Alyssa (borrowing their costume).... I did the best I could!  I'm not much of a party planner! 

Molly made a wonderful cake......we went on a hunt for Bigfoot and found him in the woods by our house....we hit a Bigfoot pinata and the kids took home Bigfoot snacks (a Fruit by the "BIG"foot....and a BIG candy bar).  Caleb had a great 8th birthday and thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside!

The Kids running to find BIG foot in the woods!

 Kevin couldn't make it to the party because of work so Kaeden was Bigfoot!  He did a great job!  Caleb just LOVES Kaeden.....so it was a special treat having him a part of his birthday!

 Caleb in the costume...with his friend Nick.

 Grandma Cheryl and Emalynn!  I love this picture!

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY Caleb!  We love you so much!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Break

I had two weeks off and time to post about our Christmas activities in December but instead of getting on the computer...... I chose to be completely LAZY.  It felt so good to have very little going on. 
I wrapped up my two week vacation on a trip with our youth up to the pass for WHITE WASH!  It's always hard for me to leave my kids behind for a couple days but the time spent with the youth and other workers in God's beautiful creation was WONDERFUL!
Here are some pictures of our December celebrating with family.....




 Cammie and Mollie

Our Tree

 Emalynn turned 7 MONTHS OLD!

 Our nephew DANIEL was BORN!

 We celebrated CHRISTMAS EVE at Papa and Grandma's

Uncle David, Noah, Landon and Joshie...

 Aunt Michele, Daniel and Caleb

Joshua opening the first present of the night!

Caleb is OBSESSED with Big Foot right now!  My mom got him the movie "Harry and the Henderson's" and HE LOVES IT!

Landon with his SPIDER MAN hat from Uncle David and Aunt Michele!  

 Our sweet, tired baby girl...


Micah and Lyndie

 Matt and Cammie

 Caleb holding Daniel for the first time!  HE LOVES his cousins!


Emalynn's FIRST CHRISTMAS with her brothers!

LOVE this picture!

 Emalynn loved the PAPER!

(I did not take enough pictures)

 Do you think Landon's head is a little BIG?  HA!

 My MUSCLE man!

 Grandma Cheryl and Emalynn

 Aunt Erin and Emalynn

 Kevin and Ryleigh

Me and Ryleigh


Uncle Duane leading Carols

 Uncle Roger as SANTA!

 Emalynn eating her gift from Santa!

Tim and Grace!  I Love this picture!  See the LOVE in her eyes!

Emalynn wearing her outfit from AUNT JULIE!

WE HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS with our Precious Family.  What a great time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior and create so many memories together!