Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ocean

If you know me you probably know that I'm a little obsessed with being organized.........SO when some of my siblings asked if Me, Kev and The Boys wanted to join them on a camping trip Labor Day Weekend I was a little hesitant..........just because it's BACK TO SCHOOL AND WORK this week!

Thankfully though I'm learning that this time with Caleb and Landon so young is moving fast and FAMILY TIME is precious. I'm so thankful that all of my Siblings have a common bond in Christ! It's so WONDERFUL being together.  FAMILY........and the closest FRIENDS.

We had a wonderful trip to the Ocean with Matt, Cammie, Baby Matthew, David and Michele! Our friends Vil, Walter, TJ and Leslie were also down at the Ocean......which was such an extra blessing!

Landon was a little tired and cranky....THANK YOU Uncle Matt for the shoulder ride!

My dear friend Vil and the kids!  It was so cold out....I think I snapped the
picture and ran back to hide behind the cars!

Leslie and TJ

Leslie was buried....and then Caleb wanted a turn! 
He had lots of fun.....but he was VERY DIRTY!!

We went to play some games and Leslie got the teeth with her tickets......
of course Caleb HAD to have some!

David and Michele  :)

Cammie had the idea of taking family pictures at sunset!!! 
We never take pictures as a family!  Thank you Cammie!

 Matt, Cammie and Matthew!

 Have you ever seen a CUTER picture??  Love you Baby Matthew!

We had such a WONDERFUL time!  Now it's back to school in the morning!!