Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I love Christmas!  I love the traditions we have as a family and I LOVE spending this special time of year with the people I love most in this world!  Here are some pictures of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations!  I forgot my camera when we were spending time with extended family...but here's what I have!

Opening Presents with Grace and Faith!

Christmas Eve at Dad and Moms!

Michele, David and Cammie


Matt and Baby Matthew!

Kevin and Landon

Noah showing off his Scooby Doo pajamas!

Micah and Lyndie!


Caleb, Landon, Noah and Joshua!

Caleb, Landon and Noah!

Dad, Mom and Noah


Mom and the Boys........ helping her open presents!

Dad, Mom and Noah!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Landon LOVES puzzles!

Caleb LOVES Star Wars!


Aunt Erin!

Aunt Jen and Caleb!  (LOVE this picture)

Aunt Jen and Landon1

Caleb and Grandma! 

Grandma, Aunt Jen and Landon

Caleb and Uncle Gino!  (Caleb was SOOO excited about this gift for Gino!)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Christmas Fun!

Last weekend we invited Gino, Jen and the girls over to have dinner and decorate Gingerbread Houses!  It was so great to spend time with them!  Life can get busy and it's always nice when we take some time to spend with family!  The girls were so creative with their Gingerbread Houses! 

Baylee and Rhyan


Caleb and Landon (Cheeeeeese!)

Baylee having fun with the frosting!

Caleb and Landon (Cheeese again!)

Jen and Korey

Caleb and Landon's creation!

Korey and Baylee working hard!

After we were all done and cleaned up!

Caleb and Landon's House!

Rhyan's House!

Baylee's House!

Korey's House!

On Monday night we headed out the Lights of Christmas to meet some friends!  It was packed!  It took us about an hour and a half to drive there and get parked.....and then about an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot and home!  I was worried that I was going to fall asleep in the car........and on top of that I had a little voice in the back seat saying "Why won't these cars move?  Why won't these cars move?"  HA!   That said......Caleb and Landon LOVED the lights.....and Caleb kept thanking me for taking him to see those beautiful lights when he woke up this morning!  So I guess it was worth it right!! 

Caleb, Faith, Landon, Noah and Grace!  It was a little hard to get them to stand still!

That's the Caleb I know and LOVE!

A couple weekends ago our church had a Ladies Christmas Luncheon!  I didn't get alot of pictures.....

Here is my Mom's table where I sat!  She always does such a beautiful job! 

I LOVE this picture of me and my Grandma!