Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Fun!


We saw that it was a beautiful off we went with some of our family and dear friends!

Landon has been SOOOO tired in the evenings this year!  He has quite a full schedule for a three year old and has done away with most naps!  The evening hours are not the walking was not an option in his mind!

Our friends Jen, Lance, Faith and Grace........and Caleb!

David and Michele!

Landon.....and of course he's not looking at the camera!

Landon......oh there he is!! :)

Caleb being his "usual" self!  Does he ever just smile?!!!

Love this picture of "Landon's sissy" Faith!


A couple weekends ago Aunt Jen had the boys over to carve 2 out of their 6 pumpkins!  She taught them to carve on their they were VERY DETERMINED to have little help from me!!  For some reason I never got a picture of them finished (pregnancy brain)....but here thet are carving!

Caleb was very excited to be a NINJA this year!!  He counted down the days to Trunk or Treat at our church and kept asking me if there are two days to Halloween (like Christmas Eve and Christmas)!  I just love my Son!  HE LOVES to celebrate any holiday!

Here's my Batman!  I was suprised that he kept his costume on all night.....even in the bouncy house!
Thank you Grandpa Rich and Grandma Cheryl for the costumes!  The boys LOVE them!

Back to School!

Yes.....I know I'm a little late getting up these pictures!!  I knew it would be hard for me to keep up on this once I got back to work!  To say I've been busy...... tired ....... a little overwhelmed and emotional would be a understatment!!   HA! 
My friends, family and co-workers have been very patient!!

Caleb and Landon on Caleb's first day of school!

Caleb and one of his most favorite friends!  Kaeden is so kind to Caleb and I'm thankful that Caleb has such a wonderful example to look up to!

Caleb in his class!  I had such a hard time leaving him this year!!  He kept asking me "Mom...when you leave....who will help me?"   He LOVES the SOCIAL part of school.....but the academics.....we'll let's just say he misses being in Preschool!  HA!   It was one of those times where I just wanted to grab his hand and run home!!! 

I had to throw in this picture of my nephew Noah!!  He got to be Star of the Day at preschool his 2nd day of the year to celebrate his 4th birthday!!  I LOVE getting the chance to be his Aunt and Teacher!!  WE LOVE you Noah Patrick!

Aren't they so cute?  It was a little sunny on our porch for Caleb's 1st day of 1st Grade!