Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swimming with the Flynn's

There are certain people who God brings into your life that you know will be life-long friends!  For the past six years I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know such a special family!  I love to look back and see how God brought our two different paths together!  

Shawn, Kayla, Kaeden, Kenna and Kendyl........we love you guys so much!  Thank you for inviting us to spend the day with you on your vacation!

After 6 months of swimming lessons Caleb is still not thrilled with the water!!  He did like the wading pool though!

We had our friend Grace for the day!!  She loved the water!
Kendyl (a FISH in the water), Grace and Kenna!

This picture wasn't even taken at the pool.....but I had to have a picture of Landon!   Every time I try to take his picture he looks away!    It took him a good hour to get into the wading pool!  I can see I'm going to have to expose my kids to a little more "water time"!  I'm not much of a swimmer!

Caleb and "His" babies!

Caleb LOVES his cousins!!!  He has such a big heart and I love listening to him talk about all of his cousins....especially "HIS babies"!  
(He has 3 Matthew and baby Rose-----who he hasn't met)

Last week we were able to spend time with both Baby Joshua and Baby Matthew!  Caleb was so excited to have them each over!  He thinks they should come over together next time!  :)

 I tried to take some pictures of our time with Joshua (we went on a walk)....but for some reason none of my pictures turned out!  We love you Joshua!

Here are some pictures of our time with Matthew!

Baby Matthew.....Baby Joshua...... and Baby Rose....... your cousin Caleb loves you VERY MUCH!!

No more waiting!

Caleb is a very BUSY boy and DOES NOT enjoy rainy days!  He wakes up every morning.....looks out his window and asks "Isn't it summer?"

It was raining pretty hard this morning......but he decided he's not going to wait anymore!!!  Rain and he comes!! 

Lunch in the rain!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful Fourth of July!  It was absolutally beautiful and we were invited to spend the day at the home of a family from our church!  Thank you so much to the Caceres Family for opening up their home!!  We had so much fun! 

My extended family (who was in town) was also able to be there!  I love that my family and my sister-in-law and her family are also a part of my "church family".  We love them all so much and are so thankful for our common bond in Christ and for the time we get to spend together!

Kevin and I started the day making a Potato salad that took us about 3 hours!!!  Kevin was a little shocked when I told our friend Katrina that I would bring one!!  I'm usually not one to try new things and we'd never made it before!  It was quite an undertaking!! I will savor the taste of potato salad every-time I eat it from now on.......knowing how much work it is!!

Around 8 we headed over to my In-Laws to light off some fire-works!!  Grandma had taken Caleb to pick them out himself and to say he was a little excited for the fire-works would be an understatement!!!  He kept asking me all day if there would be another 4th of July!!! 

Landon on the other hand was not so thrilled!!!  I took some pictures of him peeking up from his carseat!!  He wanted to go inside....but I talked him into the car, so I could watch Caleb!

Landon was not to thrilled with the water-slides!!!  Thank you to his cousin
Bailey who helped him go down! 

I told our friend Mike that Caleb would want to move in with them after riding on this!!

Joshua usually has no interest in crawling to me......but he sure did when I had a popscicle! 
I love you Joshua!

I wasn't sure Landon would be able to ride this on his own.....but after his Aunt Cammie
arrived and got him started, he LOVED it!

Look at Baby Matthew (as my boys call him) eating his first otter pop!!!  He is such a big boy!

Caleb wasn't to thrilled with sparklers this year....but I did get him to at least look at me for a picture!

Here's landon watching the fire-works from the car!!  At least he was happy :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Family

My husband Kevin and I have been married for 10 years!  I really can't believe it!  We met when I was a Junior in High School and the first things I noticed about Kevin was his heart for the Lord and his heart for people!  He'll go out of his way to help anyone.......and he's prayed and shed many tears for those who choose not to follow the Lord!
God has taken us down quite a road......and through every up and down, Kevin has been faithful to serve the Lord and faithful to love me and the boys!  I thank the Lord for bringing someone into my life who would strive to build our family on "THE rock" of Jesus Christ!

Kevin and I have two WONDERFUL boys who can make us smile and "drive us crazy".....sometimes in the same moment!

Caleb is six and just finished Kindergarten!  I know everyone says it...but time really does go by so fast!
I feel like he was just walking in the doors of the school and now he will be going into first grade in 2 short months!  Caleb enjoyed Kindergarten for the "social" part!  When I would ask how his day was, his reply was usually "I can't tell you"....or "I went to recess"! precious son, you make me smile EVERYDAY!   You LOVE People and are one of the friendliest little boys I've ever met!  I hope you never loose that!   I often get the question "Where did he get his personality?"  I'm not sure what people are trying to say!  HA! (Don't his mom and Dad have a great personality?)..........But I wouldn't change your personality for anything!

One of my favorite memories of you is watching you "preach" at church!  You would gather papers, get a stool, call anyone who would listen, and then just start preaching (just like Papa)!  Most the time we had no idea what you were saying.......we would just hear "Jesus....and God"..... 
Those precious moments will forever stay with me.....

You are asking so many questions about Jesus!  You want to know about Heaven........
My prayer is that one day you will KNOW Jesus....because HE will live inside your heart.

Landon is 3....and we can sure tell!  What happened to my "Gentle Giant"?  You were the quietest little baby and toddler....but you are now finding your voice and personality!!!  I guess you are forced to with a six year old brother!
You are such a BIG little boy!  We always get comments about how big your hands are!  Football maybe?  I'm sure Daddy would love that!
Your smile lights up your whole face and you LOVE to learn!   Story-time.....puzzles......singing your ABC's!  You get so excited to be a part of group or class and you love to sing (especially Deep and Wide)!  When you sing I often try to join you....and you say "No sing Mommy!"

You LOVE "Pizza at Papa's" and won't eat any other kind (except Papa's homemade) when you are there!  (Papa tried giving you Safeway pizza last Wednesday!  Ha!)
You love to give hugs and kisses....but you won't give them at the same time......kiss.....then a hug!  You make your mom smile!
You LOVE your sissy, Grace and Jen.  They take care of you and their home is "your home". 

I love how you and your brother are so different.....
You both have captured my heart........

Why would I blog?

I've been watching my friends and family start blogs over this past year....and to tell you the truth I've never had an interest in starting one!  I LOVE to read them.....just didn't want one more thing to keep up on!
Yesterday my friend and I were at the park and she said "you really need to start a blog....if for nothing else....just to capture these moments"...and she pointed to my son Caleb....
That's when I started would be nice to remember "the little things".
We always say we will remember...but then time passes and we are trying to recall those funny things they use to say (and if you know know there are a lot of them)!
And so I'm going to attempt to "capture" some of those moments for my family!  ATTEMPT is the word....especially when preschool starts up again this fall!