Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Caleb's BIGfoot Birthday

For the past year or so Caleb has been obsessed with "Finding Bigfoot".  I'm sure it started with his dear friend Kaeden telling him there was a Bigfoot in the woods by his house!  Every day when I would come to pick Caleb up after school they would ask if they could run into the woods and look for Bigfoot!  They also love to watch "Finding Bigfoot" on the computer!

He told me he was going to have a Bigfoot party....and with the help of my dear friend Molly (making the cake) and our friends Kyle and Alyssa (borrowing their costume).... I did the best I could!  I'm not much of a party planner! 

Molly made a wonderful cake......we went on a hunt for Bigfoot and found him in the woods by our house....we hit a Bigfoot pinata and the kids took home Bigfoot snacks (a Fruit by the "BIG"foot....and a BIG candy bar).  Caleb had a great 8th birthday and thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside!

The Kids running to find BIG foot in the woods!

 Kevin couldn't make it to the party because of work so Kaeden was Bigfoot!  He did a great job!  Caleb just LOVES Kaeden.....so it was a special treat having him a part of his birthday!

 Caleb in the costume...with his friend Nick.

 Grandma Cheryl and Emalynn!  I love this picture!

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY Caleb!  We love you so much!


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