Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree Day

I LOVE waking up the first Saturday in December and heading out to The Farm to get our Christmas Tree!  It has to be one of my favorite days of the year!  The boys were so excited this year and that made it even better!! 

We picked out the tree thinking it was just the right size........then we put it in the truck next to my parents and we were a little worried!  IT LOOKED HUGE!  I asked my Dad if we could trade, but he wasn't going to have it!  After we got it actually fit very we'll!  It just looked sooooo BIG!

After we pick out our mom's side of the family meets back at her house for a brunch!  It's always such a great time!  We eat LOTS of food........make ornaments (or the other girls do and I watch!).......and play an ornament exchange game! 

I love the memories that are made on this special day each year and I thank my Mom for opening up her home!  She has a way of making this day very memorable.  I love you Mom.

Matt and "Baby" Matthew!

THE BEST Dad and Mom!  (I'am SO BLESSED)

My very special nephew NOAH PATRICK!

My special boy Landon!

The 3 amigos!  They love eachother so much! 
(I can tell because they fight like 3 brothers...HA)

My classic CALEB!

One of my most favorite sisters and friend Lyndie.....with precious Joshua!

My the 3 (we'll 4....ha) soooo much!

Another one of my most favorite sisters and friend Cammie.......
with her sweet "Baby" Matthew!

Kev and Lando!

I just love these pictures with Matthew!  I was trying to distract him from wanting his Mom and Dad!  It worked for a minute!  I don't really get one on one time with my precious we stole a few seconds!  I love you Matthew!

Caleb just loves any holiday!  He was SO EXCITED to decorate the tree!  He reminds me a little of his Uncle David!  :)

Landon just loves to do anything his brother is doing!  I loved watching them put ornaments on the tree!  Landon thought it was easier to hang them on the lights!



  1. I loved the pictures and reading your post, I love you and your wonderful family. It is fun to read your blog.